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Vol. 8 / No. 2 / Published : 2009-08

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Efek isolat aktif antimalaria dari arthocarpus champeden terhadap eritosit terinfeksi plasmodium falciparum

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      ABSTRACTArtocharpus champeden is Indonesian plant that has been used as antimalarial drug traditionally. Isolation of dichlorometana extract of Artocarpus champeden stem bark was done in this research. Antimalarial activity of isolate was done by in vitro method and the isolate showed potential activity as antimalarial with IC50 0,0685 g/mL. The effect of isolate on Plasmodium falciparum- Infected Erythrocyte was done by light microscope and electron microscope, scanning electron microscope. The analysis by light microscope showed that isolate inhibit parasite development, from ring stage to tropozoid stage. The scanning electrone microscope (SEM) analysis showed that isolate inhibited knob formation

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      Artocharpus champeden, antimalarial, Knobs,

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