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Vol. 1 / No. 3 / Published : 2006-04

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Peranan protein goat zona pellucida-3 (gzp3) sebagai reseptor fertilisasi dan potensinya sebagai kandidat bahan imunokontrasepsi

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      Goat zona pellucida consists of three constituents: gZP1, gZP2 and gZP3, with molecular weight were 120, 94 and 82 kDa, and its composition was 6.93, 29.60 and 63.47 % respectively. Protein of gZP3 was fertilization receptor. Physiologically, ZP3 protein function as an adhesion molecule and as a secretogogue for acrosomal exocytosis. Acrosome reaction occurs upon interaction of the spermatozoon with the zona pellucida protein ZP3. This is followed by liberation of several acrosomal enzymes and other constituents that facilitate penetration of the zona and exposes molecules on the sperm equatorial segment that allows fusion of sperm membrane with the oolemma. The molecular mechanisms and the signal transduction pathways mediating the processes of acrosome reaction are appear to involve modifications of intracellular calcium and other ions, lipid transfer and phospholipid remodelling in sperm plasma membrane as well as changes in protein phosphorylation.Protein of gZP3 was effective as an immunocontraceptive substance on mice as an animal model in vivo and in vitro. Physiologically, the IgG molecules preferentially bind to the surface carbohydrate moieties, and block sperm recognition and initial binding. Additionally, there is an IgG binding to the protein backbone of the zona pellucida glycoproteins, which compounds the infertility effect by inhibiting the acrosome reaction. The aim of this study was to determine the fertilization receptor of goat and its immunocontraceptive potential. It could be concluded that gZP3 was prospective in further research to find immunocontraceptive substance for women.

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      pellucida-3, immunocontraception,

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