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Jurnal Jejaring Administrasi Publik

ISSN 2086-3101

Vol. 6 / No. 1 / Published : 2014-09

TOC : 6, and page :464 - 469

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Pemberdayaan sumberdaya manusia

Author :

  1. Kasnadi*1
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik

Abstract :

Implementation of good governance in some countries has expanded from 1980, and in Indonesia known good governance start over in 1990 as an important discourse that emerged in the various discussions, discussions, research, and seminars, both for the government, private business, and within the community, including academics.Therefore, one of the efforts made in order to achieve good governance professional apparatus in order to demonstrate the capacity, as well as the identity of the hidden potential that exists in each apparatus became an important food for thought in human resource development, especially in local government at the moment. Apparatus is required to maximize its potential capacity, then applied directly to the principal ketugasan and their function as being a customer or waitress who is responsive to the desires, needs or the needs of its customers both internal and external.

Keyword :

good governance, capacity building, government apparatus,

References :

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Volume : 6 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2014-01
  1. Tantangan tingkat usia dan kepemimpinan terhadap kinerja
  2. Mewujudkan good governance melalui reformasi birokrasi di bidang sdm aparatur untuk peningkatan kesejahteraan pegawai
  3. Pengembangan sistem manajemen sumberdaya aparatur dalam pemerintahan negara republik indonesia
  4. Kesejahteraan dan tunjangan kinerja aparatur studi banding indonesia dan singapura
  5. Kebijakan sdm aparatur ditinjau dari perspektif hubungan kapasitas aparatur dan perwujudan good governance
  6. Pemberdayaan sumberdaya manusia
  7. Hubungan kapasitas aparatur dengan pewujudan good governance
  8. Perencanaan anggaran berbasis kinerja dalam upaya meningkatkan capaian kinerja
  9. Keuangan negara dan pemerintahan