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Jurnal Jejaring Administrasi Publik

ISSN 2086-3101

Vol. 2 / No. 1 / Published : 2010-01

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Strategy policy networks dalam pengembangan local policy model untuk mengatasi global warming di jawa timur

Author :

  1. Bintoro Wardiyanto*1
  2. Wahyuni Triana*2
  3. Dwi Windyastuti*3
  4. -*4
  5. -*5
  1. Dosen Administrasi Negara FISIP UNAIR Surabaya
  2. Dosen Administrasi Negara FISIP UNAIR Surabaya
  3. Dosen Politik FISIP UNAIR Surabaya
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  5. -

Abstract :

The purpose of the research ‘policy networks strategy in ACF integrated for local policy model to anticipatory global warming impact in  East  Java’ for ask one off  the international agendas, as Kyoto  Protocol, Bali Action Plan  and  priority  of  Airlangga  research  institution.  For  ask  to  research  question,  researcher  try  identified knowledge and community ‘need assessment’ to anticipated and effort reduction of global warming impact. In here community  place  of  actor  policy.  Sample  of  research  is  210  respondent  in  East  Java  which  representatives  of community  in  Surabaya,  Mojokerto  and  Sidoarjo.  Local  area  is  choice  because  connected  with  environmental problem and live with the constant risk to health, property, infrastructure and pollution, population growths and diseases. According to the research, 96.19% respondent said to know global warming term, which are 25.71% from media mass. According 43%, community know about indication of global warming as increasing floods, rising sea levels,  changing  in  timing  of  dry  season  and  rainy  season,  increasing  droughts,  increasing  pollution,  West Antarctica and Greenland ice could melt. Then 55.95% respondent know the effect of global warming is changes in carbon  dioxide  concentration  (CO2),  industrialization,  industry  not  awareness  with  environmental  and  low  of community awareness in sustainability environment guard. Meanwhile 24.63% respondent are sure that impact of global warming affects water crisis, increasing health problems and decrease of natural sources. After by 56.19% respondent say that impact of global warming low of effect of the national security, international instability and government  credibility.  Community  base  ‘need  assessment’,  the  partial  respondent  state  the  essential  for   local policy plan, particularly policy of risk reduction and management disaster. Beside of, strategy implementation can give  to sanction,  applicable  of  environmental  policy,  green  city,  socialization  of  global  warming in  community. Action  plan  of  the  risk  reduction  disaster  required  the  creation  of  a  growing  number  of  local  institutions. Therefore,  constitute  a  new  dimension  local  policy  model  is  essential  of  challenge  for  risk  reduction  global warming  impact.  Local  community  in  the  advocation  coalition  framework  perspective  become  new  forms  of cooperation and collaboration in local policy agenda. Knowledge and community need assessment become critical to  formulate  the  local  policy  agenda  for  reduction  global  warming  impact,  because  community  is  stakeholder policy.

Keyword :

Global Warming Impact, Local Policy, Community need assessment,

References :

  1. Campbell, JC., Baskin, MA Baumgartner,FR and Halpern, NP , (1989). ‘Afterword on Policy Communities: A framework for Comparative Research”,. - : Governance Journal, vol 2 pp 86- 94.
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