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ISSN 1412-8853

Vol. 10 / No. 3 / Published : 2012-09

Order : 7, and page :159 - 164

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A strategy design of marketing based on product life cycle as an effort to increase visits to ketapang al hikmah clinic in sampang regency

Author :

  1. Nur Aida Rachmawati*1
  1. Puskesmas Arosbaya Kabupaten Bangkalan

Abstract :

ABSTRACT Product Life Cycle (PLC) was an important concept which is used to describe a series of stages of a product from the introduction stage to the stage when the product begins to decrease in its sale and profitability, and finally it disappears from the market.  The background of this study  is the decrease in the number of patients  at public  service at Al Hikmah Clinic in Ketapang, Sampang Regency. The purpose of this study  is to propose a strategy  design of marketing  based on PLC as an effort to increase visits to Al Hikmah Clinic in Ketapang, Sampang Regency. This study uses observational study design. Observed from the time of the research, it belongs to cross-sectional study. The results of the study show that all key  characteristics in PLC refer to Growth Stage. Based on the results,  the recommended marketing  strategy design must  be  adjusted to the position  of the products in the PLC, while considering the analysis  on the customers’ satisfaction and demands as well as the internal condition of the clinic. The recommended efforts to increase the number of visits to the public  service are improving  the quality of the products, having  more  post  medical treatment service, giving clear explanation  on pricing the fee, improving  access to the service by mobile  service and home care. Related to communication problem, it is recommended to change the  advertisements from  product awareness building  to trust building and product purchase, by communicating the advantages of the public  service products through  various events . Keywords: Product  Life Cycle,  Growth Stage, Marketing Strategies

Keyword :

Product Life Cycle, Growth Stage, Marketing Strategies,

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Volume : 10 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2012-09
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