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Vol. 10 / No. 3 / Published : 2012-09

Order : 12, and page :187 - 193

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Active case treatment is more cost effective for early stage lung tb treatment

Author :

  1. Ni Ketut Ardani*1
  1. Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Jember

Abstract :

ABSTRACT The magnitude of lung TB problem has forced any involved-institutions to be committed in managing thoroughly. It is compulsory to have a correct  intervention  or accurate treatment regime for curative purposes. Jember Regency is executing Passive Case  Treatment (PCT), which  lung TB patients  should come to puskesmas to take the Tuberculosis Drug (ATD) in a certain day and hour. The method was not effective, an idea to create an ATD delivery to patients’ homes was  executed, it is called  Active  Case  Treatment (ACT). The  purpose of this research is to determine the  most  cost effective between PCT and ACT for lung TB patients  using  a quasy  experimental research with prospective plan of 16 Puskesmas in Jember Regency. Conducted from beginning of September until end of November 2010, the sample was all lung TB patients  who came for treatment in September 2010.  Sample criteria were: new  case, 15–50 years of age, did not suffer HIV and Diabetes Mellitus, was not malnourished, and was not allergic to ATD. Data collection was done through  interview,  questionnaires and  filling documents exploration.  Research result  is achieved by comparing  total cost  with program  objective (QoL=  quality of life) of each treatment. The result showed that to increase 1 QoL scale of PCT needed an amount  of IDR. 35,295.00, while to increase 1 QoL scale ACT was IDR 14,377.00. The cost  of ACT was smaller than PCT. Conclusion derived  from the result was that ACT is more cost  effective than PCT. Keywords: CEA, Tuberculosis, Quality of life

Keyword :

CEA, Tuberculosis, Quality of life,

References :

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