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Vol. 9 / No. 3 / Published : 2011-09

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Brand image analysis to construct positioning strategy

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  1. Ignasius Bayu Angga Dewa*1
  1. Rumah Sakit Adi Husada Kapasari Surabaya

Abstract :

Adi Husada Kapasari Hospital (AHKH) was surveyed and found out to be has no particular brand association of  its service attribute or benefits. It makes the AHKH difficult to know its positioning to winning competition in the customer mind. Therefore marketing research  was conduct to analyze the dimensions of brand image to construct strategies for AHKH positioning. Approaching with the Brand image dimensions by Keller and positioning theory by Kotler and Keller. The positioning was constructed by the point of differences which is reflected by the dimension of brand image known as favorability and uniqueness of associations in the customer minds. The research objective was constructing recommendation for positioning strategies of AHKH. The research also defining brand association  consist of attributes, benefits and attitudes of core service and supporting service. The research conducted in May 11- 25th 2010, in outpatient department by samples of 100 respondents and inpatient department AHKH by samples of 50 respondents. The interpretation of favorability and uniqueness of association showing strong positioning of AHKH in core/medical service, while the weak positioning is on the supporting service, therefore the suggestion for AHKH positioning strategies is to state the value ‘more for less’ proposition and deliver to the inpatient and outpatient customer.

Keyword :

brand image, outpatient and inpatient, positioning strategy,

References :

  1. Javalgi RG, Benoy J, William RG., (1995). ‘Positioning your service to target key buying influences: the case of referring physicians and hospitals. Vol 9 No. 5 1995, pp. 42–52 : Journal Of Services Marketing


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