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Administrasi dan Kebijakan Kesehatan

ISSN 1412-8853

Vol. 10 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-01

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Improving the inpatient service quality of public health center ngadiluwih in kediri regency using quality function deployment method

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  1. Bety Sunarisasi*1
  1. Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Kediri, Jl. Pamenang No. 1C Kediri

Abstract :

ABSTRACT   Patient satisfaction was  a condition where  patient’s  wishes, expectations and  needs are fulfilled. The  purpose of this study  was to formulate  recommendations on Inpatient service quality using  Quality Function Deployment (QFD) method to improve public health center  Ngadiluwih inpatient service utilization. This study was designed based on QFD design, while the type of study  was observational. Sample of stage I for formulating market  research instruments were 30 respondents comprised of former inpatients of Public health center  Ngadiluwih.  Sample of stage II was taken with a simple random  sampling from the population of 110 resulting in 86 respondents. Study  results  showed the priorities of technical care dimension were: fee for service could be listed in detail, the doctor explained the disease, and medicines were complete in the pharmacy; the priorities of functional care dimension were: waiting time was < 15 minutes, Public health  center  staff gave  information  on  medical measures and  Public  health  center  staff asked patient’s  need; the priorities of amenity  dimension were: the cleanliness of utensils in the room, the availability of a clear service flow, and the cleaning of bathroom every day. Conclusion: patient’s expectation of Public health center  Ngadiluwih services were on responsiveness and medical service quality dimensions. Keywords: Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Voice of Customer (VOC), House of Quality (HOQ)

Keyword :

Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Voice of Customer (VOC), House of Quality (HOQ),

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Volume : 10 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2012-01
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