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Vol. 9 / No. 2 / Published : 2011-05

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Original Article :

Obedience officer in the implementation of sops

Author :

  1. Lailatul Muadzomah*1
  1. Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Sampang

Abstract :

Ketapang and Omben Public Health Centers (PHC) were chosen by Health Office of Sampang Regency as the locations for coaching program to formulate organization structure, job description, work culture and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Complying with SOP is crucial in providing health service. Based on a preliminary survey in each service unit, it was found that from exixting SOP, only 40% was implemented by only 26.67% personnel. This study aims to compare PHC personnel obedience with SOP implementation in both Ketapang and Omben PHCs. This is an analytic obeservational study using cross sectional method conducted in April-June 2010. The population was all PHC personnel (51 respondents from Ketapang PHC and 50 respondents from Omben PHC). Qustionnaires were data collecting method. The result showed a significant difference (p=0.0001) between Ketapang PHC and Omben PHC on variables of attitude of implementing SOP, subjective norms, perception upon influencing control towards intention to implement SOP and obedience with SOP implementation. In Ketapang PHC, the obedience to implement SOP was low, while in Omben PHC, the obedience to implement SOP was high.

Keyword :

obedience, standard operating procedure,

References :

Fishbein, M,(2008) A Reasoned Action Approach to Health Promotion Vol 28 (384) : Jurnal Medical Decission

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