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Vol. 9 / No. 2 / Published : 2011-05

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Planning of service quality deployment based on house of quality method

Author :

  1. Wahyu Lulus Ariyanto*1
  1. Rumah Sakit Katolik St. Vincentius A Paulo Surabaya

Abstract :

Bed Occupation Rate (BOR) Surabaya St. Vincentius a Paulo Catholic Hospital (RKZ) in 2007 were 78% which gathered from all of the pavilion in hospital.  The issue of this research is the decrease trend of Pavilion 9 within 1,3%-16,1% from 2004 until 2007. The objective of this research is to formulate the planning for deployment of service quality for RKZ Pavilion 9 based on House of Quality method. This is a descriptive observational research conducted on steps of quality function deployment.  It divided into five stages, all stages were carried out from February until July 2009. Primary information sources comprise of two groups i.e. Pavilion 9 customers who received comprehensive service and RKZ staff who performed the service to customers (consisted of 1 Obstetric-Gynecologic specialist, Room Head and 17 midwives). The recommendation quality improvement based on House of Quality: a)  from the voice of developer in delivery room is hypnosis for birthing. When it is supported by effective communication, is able to provide an added-value service,  b) from the inpatient room is communication learning and breast-feeding education. It can provide a unique feature especially for young mothers who are primigravida (first pregnancy) with no experience.

Keyword :

quality function deployment, house of quality, service quality delivery inpatient room,

References :

Arief M.,(2007) Pemasaran Jasa & Kualitas Pelayanan, Bagaimana Mengelola Kualitas Pelayanan Agar Memuaskan Pelanggan Malang : Bayumedia Publishing

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