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Administrasi dan Kebijakan Kesehatan

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Vol. 11 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-01

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Recommendation on building loyalty based on experiential marketing of dental clinic customers

Author :

  1. Puskesmas Jemursari, Surabaya

Abstract :

In National Health System (SKN), the government and private sectors are responsible for holding equal, affordable, and acceptable health services to the community. At Jemursari Public Health Center (PHC) work area, there are private dental  health  services and  private clinics.  Therefore, the Dental Clinic of Jemursari  PHC must  build customer  loyalty so that the community still utilizes PHC health services. This study  aims at knowing the customer value, the customer experience, customers’ feedback, and customers’ loyalty to Dental Clinic at Jemursari PHC. This is an observational study and data is collected cross sectional. The population of this study  is patients  who visit Dental Clinic of Jemursari  PHC more than once from May to June  2011. The sample of this study  is 98 respondents consisting of 56 respondents who have completed permanent teeth  filling treatment, 26 respondents of dental calculus cleaning, and 14 respondents of permanent teeth  dental extraction.  The result of linier regression analysis reveals  that customer experience significantly influences customer value with p < 0.005 (α <0.005) and relate products of dental filling, dental calculus cleaning, and dental extraction  significantly  influences customer loyalty with p < 0.005 (α <0.005).

Keyword :

loyalty, , customer value and experiential marketing,

References :

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