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ISSN 1412-8853

Vol. 11 / No. 1 / Published : 2013-01

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Strategy to increase the antenatal care visitation

Author :

  1. RSD dr. Soebandi Jember
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat

Abstract :

Antenatal  Care  Visit  in  RSD  dr.  Soebandi  Jember  tended  to decline  since  the  period  of 2005-2009 with  an average of  5,48%/year. As recommendation for Antenatal Care clinic, RSD.  dr. Soebandi Jember research for customers Perspective Brand  Equity. Method:  to analyze  Brand  Equity, researcher using  marketing  research design with  descriptive  diagnostic  method. Result: Brand Awareness score is  quite  weak.  Brand Positioning score  is good. Perceived Quality score is  good. Brand Loyalty score is quite  weak.  We conclude that Brand  Equity is good. The  reasons to vote Ante  Natal Care was close to home is 49%, 13.1% at an affordable  price.  Family habit is 10.3%, completes equipment is 6.3%. Based on SWOT analyze  position  of Ante Natal Care clinic RSD dr. Soebandi Jember is in the strength-opprtunity. Conclusion: The low community respondent’s brand  equity  of ANC and the high outpatient respondent’s brand  equity  of ANC are not the primary reasons for patient  in making  repeat-purchases. ANC’s brand equity  influences its brand-management approach for improving  inpatient-services utilization implemented is creative branding  with an inside-out approach supported by backing of the ANC management.

Keyword :

Antenatal Care, Brand, Perceived Quality, SWOT Analysis,

References :

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