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ISSN 1412-8853

Vol. 10 / No. 2 / Published : 2012-05

Order : 4, and page :79 - 86

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The effort of community empowerment in tuberculosis disease control program in tambakrejo public health center, surabaya city

Author :

  1. Atiek Tri Arini, Puskesmas Tamabakrejo*1
  1. Puskesmas Tambakrejo, Dinas Kesehatan Kota Surabaya

Abstract :

ABSTRACT   The performance progress in Tambakrejo Public Health Center (PHC) has not achieved the target yet. By developing community empowerment, it supposed to increase the performance of Tuberculosis Disease Control (TDC) program in Tambakrejo PHC. The purpose of this research is arranging recomendation of community empowerment plan of TDC program in Tambakrejo PHC. The result of this research showed that input of this program belong to good category, but the empowerment process has not optimum yet and participants  condition have not maximum either. Based on Focus Group Discussioon (FGD) and researcher analysis, it is developed a recomendation of Empowering Plan of TDC Program in Tambakrejo PHC. The recomendations including: Developing TB observer, TB Observer training, Performing capability of community’s leader, developing intersectoral partnership in order to help TB patients, Inviting Social Departement and Education  Department to involve in TB Control Program, Developing medication center  in the nearest place  to patient’s neighborhood, keep the patient  in privacy room  and comfortzone, prevention the contagious disease by using  triase in front of PHC. Those recomendation hopefully  can  be  implemented in the PHC works  area, in order increasing the performance of TDC Program especially finding the suspect and the increasing Cure Rate.   Keywords:    Community empowerment,  Performance of  Tuberculosis Disease  Control  program,   Community                    Participation.

Keyword :

Community empowerment, Performance of Tuberculosis Disease Control program, ommunity Participation.,

References :

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Volume : 10 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2012-05
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