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Vol. 5 / No. 1 / Published : 2016-02

TOC : 10, and page :82 - 87

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The discourse of cannabis represented by lingkar ganja nusantara (lgn) in twitter account @legalisasiganja

Author :

  1. Silvia Wijayanti*1
  2. Nurul Fitri Hapsari*2
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Budaya
  2. Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Abstract :

Pro and contra about cannabis use in Indonesia cannot be separated from point of view of criminology and social culture. The shifting of cannabis use becomes a discourse in representing its legality or illegality. The issue about cannabis legalization in Indonesia is brought by Lingkar Ganja Nusantara (LGN). By using Twitter, LGN can share information about the advantages, and also the latest news about cannabis regulation within their postings. This study aimed to investigate discourse of Cannabis in Indonesia through the published articles in LGN’s Twitter account @legalisasiganja. The writer used Critical Discourse Analysis from Norman Fairclough to examine the discourse of cannabis by focusing on the words and sentences within the articles then related to the discourse practice and socioculture practice. Since LGN is a community consisted of young people, the writerd used the theory of youth from David Buckingham. The result shows that LGN represented cannabis as a medical concern, not as a crime, and cannabis as a culture. Those representations cannot be separated from the character of youth reflected in the articles and the interviews. The conclusion reveals that language and power can influence people by showing knowledge and power within the text, so LGN is able to challenge the previous discourse of cannabis in Indonesia. 

Keyword :

cannabis, critical discourse analysis, lingkar ganja nusantara, twitter, youth identity ,

References :

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