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Vol. 3 / No. 2 / Published : 2014-08

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The stereotype of african american women in lee daniel’s precious movie (2009)

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  1. Ita Erika Br Kemit*1
  2. Puguh Budi Susetiyo*2
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Ilmu Budaya
  2. Dosen Fakultas Ilmu Budaya

Abstract :

African American women stereotypes are one of important racial issues in United States that can be seen in many sections of their life. One issue which presents African American women stereotype is an African American movie, Precious (2009). The film is about the bad relationship between mother (Mary) and her daughter (Precious). The aim of this movie is also criticize and challenge the existence of African American women stereotype. As black female in Precious, the stereotypes can be seen from the physical appearance, social condition, and their behavior that are depicted in characters of movie. The purpose of this study is to analyze how African American women represented in Precious movie. In this case, this movie tells and challenges the stereotype of African American women from black feminist perspective. In analyzing the African American women stereotype, theory by Patricia Hill Collins Black Feminist Thought in Controlling Images and Black Women’s Oppression will be used. The type of this research was qualitative research by taking sampling and several actions that shows stereotype issues. The method of the data collection used Precious movie as the data source and another supported data from online and books. The method of data analysis used Narrative and Non-narrative analysis which is supported by Louis Gianneti. The analysis was about the stereotype of African American women in mother and daughter character. This research examines the stereotype “Matriarch,” “Welfare mother” and “Other”. From the analysis, it is found that African American women stereotypes are still significance in U.S. today. Through the stereotypes depicted in Precious movie, it tells the stereotype and their oppression as black female. The existances of black female stereotypes are caused by the oppression. 

Keyword :

oppression, stereotype, matriarch, welfare mother, other,

References :

  1. Collins, Hill P., (2000). Black Feminist Thought: Knowledge, Consciousness, and the Politics of Empowerment (Second Edition). New York and London : Routledge


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Volume : 3 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2014-08
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