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Anglicist aims at publishing articles that will share and develop research within the scope of formal linguistics, applied linguistics, and interdisciplinary fields.

ISSN : 2301-5837

Volume 7 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2018-01

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  1. Language teaching techniques and student engagement used in teaching recount text at smp negeri 2 taman
  2. Slips of the ear experienced by indonesian students in grades 4-6 of sdn mojo viii surabaya in noisy situation
  3. A comparison of professional and non-professional subtitler strategy in translating cultural references of million dollar arm movie
  4. Teachers’ corrective feedback in female english grammar classes at mbi amanatul ummah pacet
  5. Slips of the ear experienced by indonesian elementary students grade 1-3 of sdn dr. sutomo 5 surabaya in quiet situation
  6. the use of academic words in the undergraduate thesis abstracts written by english department students of universitas airlangga and universitas gadjah mada
  7. The effect of note-taking techniques in massive open online course (mooc) towards listening comprehension of english department students
  8. Slips of the tongue produced by indonesian bilingual children aged 7-9 in yogyakarta
  9. The language choice of the members of global e’s english camp program in kampung inggris, pare
  10. A speech accommodation performed by the bipa instructors at bipa wcu beginner level class
  11. Analysis of corrective feedback used by english tutors in conversation class at rumah bahasa surabaya
  12. Lexical cohesion in tempo english online news in january 2018