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Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2013-07

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Hubungan antara nyeri muskulosekeletal dengan kondisi stasiun kerja dan ukuran, serta posisi tubuh petani

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  1. Tyas Sistha Wijayanti*1
  1. Mahasiswa S1 Departemen Antropologi FISIP-UNAIR

Abstract :

ABSTRACT             Musculoskeletal pain is discomfort experienced on a particular body part a result of the conditions of human work station, one of them is working in agriculture whose the work was dynamic and triggered of musculoskeletal pain. The purpose of this research is observed conditions of work stations farmers, farmers body condition and determine the frequency of common musculoskeletal pain point locations on the body of farmers. The methods used collect data in the field is the observation, interviews, spread questioner Nordic Body Map, anthropometric measurement. The research sites in Kepohagung village, Plumpang subdistrict, Tuban district. Researcher taken the samples is farmers who are now at the age of 30 years to 50 years, male sex, and have pain on parts of their body during and after work. Variables that were taken in the research is the size of the hoe, body size farmers, length of worked the farmers in a day and farmers perceived musculoskeletal pain. Perceived pain in farmers is pain/stiff neck top, pain/stiffness in the lower neck, pain in the left shoulder, right shoulder pain, pain in the upper left arm, pain in back, pain in upper right arm, pain on the buttocks, pain in the waist, pain in the ass, pain in the left elbow, pain in the right elbow, pain in the left forearm, pain in the right forearm, pain in the left wrist, pain in the right wrist, pain in the left hand, pain in the right hand, pain in the left thigh, pain in the right thigh, pain in left knee, pain in right knee, pain in the left calf, right calf pain, pain in the left ankle, right ankle pain, pain in the left leg, pain in the right foot. Most farmers age 41-50 years, with an average height 1500-1600 mm, and length of work >8 hours a day. Farmers do break with the highest frequency of  >3 times, and the long rest 31-45 minutes. Most workloads are working wetland area <0,5 ha. The emergence of pain perceived first time while working as farmers. Farmer hoeing in a bent position with a degree of 51-60o humpback explained discomfort. Farmers feel comfortable when using hoes stem size 74cm. Farmers explained more comfortable when worked on arable land the dried aqueous. Feet wide at the farmers hoeing longer than shoulder width farmers felt is felt the most comfortable position when plowing.   Keywords: musculoskeletal pain, farmers, work station.

Keyword :

musculoskeletal pain, farmers, work station.,

References :

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Volume : 2 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2013-07
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  2. Hubungan antara nyeri muskulosekeletal dengan kondisi stasiun kerja dan ukuran, serta posisi tubuh petani
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