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Vol. 1 / No. 2 / Published : 2012-07

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Pola konsumsi masyarakat perkotaan: studi deskriptif pemanfaatan foodcourt oleh keluarga

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  1. Nur Lailatul Mufidah*1
  1. Alumni Antropologi FISIP UNAIR

Abstract :

Abstract Fastfood be one option for the busy urban community with its activity so that it didn't get to cook and barely has time to eat and hang out together with the family. With all the conveniences and facilities that exist within the mall foodcourt presence seems especially with can fill the lives of those who want something fast-paced, instant and complete.  Compared to ten years ago, when the eats is likely to do at home, where the food is presented is the result of homemade (mother).  The wife took up cooking and taking the time to just eat together with her family, while the wife was also working with activities outside the home, that is working. The family consumption patterns in Surabaya due to environmental factors; be it from income level, education, experience, social status and prestige so that the attitude of his stature within the community could be aligned with the others. In addition to family reasons for a visit to the foodcourt Tunjungan Plaza is due to the better facilities such as free Wi-Fi that causes people to endure to linger there though the food ordered was devoured.

Keyword :

consumption patterns, , foodcourt,

References :

  1. Foster, George M. , (1986). Foster, George M. (1986) Antropologi Kesehatan, . Jakarta : UI Press.
  2. Lee, Martyn J. , (2006). Budaya Konsumen Terlahir Kembali.. Yogyakarta : Kreasi Wacana.


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Volume : 1 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2012-07
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