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Vol. 1 / No. 2 / Published : 2013-02

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Preferensi masyarakat surabaya terhadap iklan esia versi surabaya

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  1. lintang*1
  1. mahasiswa

Abstract :

ABSTRACT The study was conducted to determine the preferences of Surabaya on advertising Esia version of "Surabaya" through print, billboard and radio. This study involved 272 respondents in Surabaya. The data was collected using a questionnaire with quantitative descriptive research type and sampling techniques using multi-stage random cluster. The results of the descriptive statistics indicate that the preference for ad esia version of "Surabaya" in print (newspapers) as much as 95.2% of good and bad 4.8%, in response to media billboards good as 90.1% and bad response by 9, 9%, while in the medium of radio as much as 89% good  feedback and bad feedback as much as 11%. The results showed that the preferences of the respondents were positive in which the analysis of preferences that is formed is known that most of the respondents had a good response to the advertising component.   Keywords: Preferences, Advertising, Advertising components

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Preferences, Advertising, Advertising components,

References :

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  2. Kasali, Rhenald. , (1993). Manajemen Periklanan Cetakan Ketiga. Jakarta : Pustaka Utama Grfiti.


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