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Dental Journal (Majalah Kedokteran Gigi)

ISSN 1978-3728

Vol. 44 / No. 1 / Published : 2011-03

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Calcium hydroxide as intracanal dressing for teeth with apical periodontitis

Author :

  1. Sari Dewiyani *1
  1. Department of Conservative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Dr. Moestopo (B) University, Jakarta

Abstract :

Background: Root canal infection and periapical diseases are caused by bacteria and their products. Long term infection may spread bacteria throughout the root canal system. Apical periodontitis caused by infectious microbe that persistent in root canals can cause radiographic and histopathology periapical changes. Chemomechanical preparation and intracanal dressing then are recommended to be conducted and used in between visits to eliminate microbes in root canals. Calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) can be used as intracanal dressing since it can be used as musical physical defense barrier to eliminate re-infection in root canal and to disturb nutrition supply for bacterial development. Purpose: To observe the effectiveness of calcium hydroxide in treating endodontic teeth with apical periodontitis. Cases:  Case 1 and 3 are about patients whose left posterior mandibular teeth had spontaneous intermittent pain. Case 2 is about a patient whose left posterior maxillary teeth had gingival abscess and fracture history. Based on the radiographic examination, it was known that the filling of root canal was incomplete and there was radiolucency in the apical area. Case management: The cases were treated with triad endodontics, which involves preparation, disinfection by using 2.5% NaOCl as irrigation substance and calcium hydroxide as intracanal dressing, and then the filling of root canal with gutta percha and endomethasone root canal cement. Evaluations were conducted one month, 12 months, and 24 months after the treatment. Conclusion: Calcium hydroxide is very effective to be used as intracanal dressing in apical periodontitis cases.    

Keyword :

Apical periodontitis, triad endodontic, intracanal medicine, calcium hydroxide ,

References :

  1. Walton RE, (2002). Cleaning and shaping. Philadelphia : WB Saunders


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