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Dental Journal (Majalah Kedokteran Gigi)

ISSN 1978-3728

Vol. 37 / No. 4 / Published : 2004-10

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Removable partial denture as foreign body in esophagus

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      Ingestion and retention of removable partial denture (RPD) in esophagus is a life- threatening event that needs specific management. Thorough analyses including incidence, symptoms, management and complications of these cases are crucial for the development of better treatment approach. A total of 77 patients with history of RPD ingestion from January 1st, 1991 to December 31st, 2003 in Ear, Nose and Throat Department of Dr. Soetomo Hospital were included in this study. Radiography of the neck and thorax and also rigid esophagoscopy were performed in all patients in order to establish diagnosis and aid the denture removal procedure. Dysfagia (90.90%) and tenderness in the neck area (75.32%) were the most common clinical features found. The majority of patients (92.21%) visited the hospital within the first 24 hours after accident. Pars cervicalis esophagus was the most common site of denture impaction. The procedure of esophagoscopy was successfully performed in 73 patients (94.81%), failed in 4 patients (5.19%) which were continued with external surgical approach in 3 patients. Complications of RPD impaction in esophagus occurred in 44 patients (57.15%); one patient had a serious complication of esophagus perforation that eventually died of diabetic sepsis after extraction by external approach. The conclusion was that esophagoscopy proved to be a good method in the treatment of denture impaction in esophagus. RPD should be carefully and appropriately designed to avoid denture ingestion due to the instability factor. The stability of denture should be observed periodically for the possibility of instability.

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      esophagus, esophagoscopy, foreign body, denture ,

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