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Dental Journal (Majalah Kedokteran Gigi)

ISSN 1978-3728

Vol. 44 / No. 3 / Published : 2011-09

TOC : 7, and page :145 - 149

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Threshold value of enamel mineral solubility and dental erosion after consuming acidic soft drinks

Author :

  1. Muhammad Ilyas *1
  1. Department of Dental Public Health Faculty of Dentistry, Hasanuddin University Makassar - Indonesia

Abstract :

Background: Dental erosion is irreversible and can caused by acidic soft drink consumption. Dental erosion prevention had already been done, but it still has not been satisfying since the consumption of acidic soft drink is still high. There is still no explanation about the threshold value of enamel mineral solubility and the occurance of dental erosion after consuming acidic soft drink. Purpose: This research is aimed to find the threshold value of enamel mineral solubility and dental erosion before and after consuming acidic soft drinks. Methods: Subjects of the research are saliva and enamel of 12 rabbits, which have some criteria such as age > 70 days, body weight > 600 grams, and teeth considered to be healthy. The sample devided equally into 4 groups. Each of those marmooths was given a drink as much as 2.5 cc/consumption (there are 1, 2 and 3× per day) by using syringe without injection needle. Salivaryminerals then were examined by using atomic absorption spectrophotometric (ASS), while dental erosion was examined using scanning electron microscop (SEM). The data were analyzed by using Paired t-test. Results: It is known that the threshold value of enamel mineral solubility (K, Na, Fe, Mg, Cl, P, Ca, F, C) has significant difference (p < 0.05) after being exposed to folic acid. Meanwhile, Fe did not have significant difference (p = 0.090) after being exposed to citric acid. Similarly, C did not have significant difference (p = 0.063) after being exposed to bicarbonate acid. Furthermore, it is also known that the threshold time value of dental erosion are on the 105th day for folic acid, on the 111th day for citric acid, and on the 117th day for bicarbonate acid. Conclusion: Threshold value of enamel mineral solubility before and after consuming soft drinks containing acid is different. Based on the threshold value of dental erosion, it is known that folic acid is the most erosive acid.

Keyword :

Soft drinks, threshold value, mineral solubility, dental erosion,

References :

  1. Dlaigan YH, (2002). Dental erosion in a group at british 14 year old, school children part III influence of oral hygiene practises. . - : British Dent J


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