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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 47 / No. 4 / Published : 2011-10

TOC : 11, and page :252 - 259

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Depth of human hypophysial fossa due to aging process: a morphologic research

Author :

  1. Ibrahim Njoto*1
  1. Department of Anatomy, Medical Faculty of Wijaya Kusuma University

Abstract :

Aging was normal process of human living. Hypophysial fossa as a protector of hypophysial gland, in aging process hypophysial gland was atrophy. For this phenomena happened in older age, what will happen through the hypophysial fossa?. Collaborative research had done between anatomy laboratory Medical Faculty of Airlangga University and anatomy laboratory Medical Faculty of Wijaya Kusuma Surabaya University, subject of research was cadavers from both medical faculty. The cadavers were majority javanese and from lower class of social community, such as beggar, poor, and unidentified person which donated to medical faculty for studying of anatomy desection. The cadavers age was exactly unknown, so to identify the age of cadavers by using an anthropologist method of age determinate. In this research, the anthropologist method to determinate age was: observation of cadaver’s calvaria suture and surface molar teeth damage as a support method. The depth of hypophysial fossa was measured by digital caliper which depth measuring face located at horisontally line bethween tuberculum sellae and dorsum sellae, therefore depth measuring blade of digital caliper can reach bottom of hypophysial fossa accuratelly. The result of research showed that depth of human hypophysial fossa due to aging process was positive correlation, significant at 0.01 level of two-tailed. That condition were happens as a reflection of aging process in human during alive, in which paralel to aging the increase of the aging the so that the impact begins clear, particularly the severity of atheroscelerotic process there were that of to the blood vessels of the vascularisation to hypophysial fossa. This research as a foundation to next research which explore causes of changing the hypophysial fossa depth, which could be early sign of aging process so human can reach optimum quality of aging.

Keyword :

depth of hypophysial fossa, aging process, calvaria suture, surface molar teeth damage, optimum quality of aging ,

References :

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