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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 41 / No. 1 / Published : 2005-01

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Editorial vol 41 no 1 2005

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In global era, to enhance the improvement of science and technology, including in medicine, the development ofinternational journal is imperative. However, the term international journal itself is still unclear. It still evokesquestions, such as: What is an international journal? How can a journal be regarded as international? Should the terminternational denote merely to the location of the publisher? Philosophically, an international journal is a journal whichis communicating scientific thinking that can be accepted at international level. Therefore, we should establish criteriafor a journal to be regarded as an international one. These criteria may be as follows: First, it uses internationallanguage(s). English is one of those languages. Second, it has editors with international reputation. Third, it containsscientific materials which are worth to be communicated at international level, due to their strategic and significantcontributions to the development of medical science and technology. Conceptually, these criteria are needed tocharacterize a scientific journal that serves as a tool for international communication. However, operationally, moreelaborations are also needed to translate those criteria into practical level. To be an international journal, Folia MedicaIndonesiana has envisaged a plan to establish cooperation with international publishing houses. Hopefully, this effortmay improve the language, editing, and scientific quality of this medical journal.

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Volume : 41 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2005-01
  1. Editorial vol 41 no 1 2005
  2. Opinion: research in the development of medical science and technology
  3. The association of mitochondrial dna mutation g3316a and t3394c with diabetes mellitus
  4. The effects of unilateral testicular torsion upon immunity modulation and apoptosis of germinal cells in the contralateral testis. an experimental study in rats
  5. The effect of 5α reductase inhibitor and estrogen in prostate proliferation. an experimental study in rats
  6. Quality of refilled drinking water in surabaya city
  7. Adequate help for patients with cervical cancer? the referral system in indonesia. a descriptive comparison study in four provinces
  8. In vitro drug sensitivity of trypanosoma evansi bangkalan isolates
  9. Comparison of dead victims due to burn between periods
  10. Serum osmolal gap in healthy persons. comparison of eleven formulas for calculating osmolality
  11. Traumatic optic neuropathy in the division of neuro-ophthalmology, department of ophthalmology, dr soetomo teaching hospital, surabaya
  12. The potential role of α-lipoic acid in the management of diabetes mellitus. possible molecular mechanism
  13. Review article and clinical experience: metabolic syndrome vs insulin resistance syndrome (a cluster of components and strategies for treatment)