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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 49 / No. 4 / Published : 2013-10

TOC : 6, and page :229 - 236

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Effect of low molecular weight topical hyaluronate on white rat superficial wounds epithelization treated with freeze-dried amnion membrane

Author :

  1. Hartono Kartawijaya*1
  2. M Sjaifuddin Noer*2
  1. Resident at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Dr Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kedokteran

Abstract :

Partial/superficial thickness wounds frequently seen in clinical practice, whereas in major burns lead to the devastating effects. Thefreeze-drying method for amnion preservation was mostly acceptable and became standard method in Dr.Soetomo BiomaterialCentre and Tissue Bank Surabaya with sterile condition granted by Gamma irradiation. Unfortunately, several research had shownno superiority of freeze-dried amnion (FD) compared with other modalities. These due to significant decreased amount of growthfactors. Recently revealed that FA contain of High Molecular Weight Hyaluronate which contibuted to wound healing by its naturaldegradation into Low Molecular Weight. Addition of Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronate (LMWHA) were expected to enhancewound healing by FD. Twenty four Wistar rats (Rattus norvegicus) were wounded superficially on the back torso in 3 locations ofeach. One was covered with fresh amnion (FA Group), one covered with freeze-dried amnion (FD Group), the other covered withfreeze-dried amnion + LMWHA 1% (HA Group). Samples collected randomly at day 1,3,5 and 7 with 6 rats sacrified at once.Histological changes were observed for the amount of epithelial layer, epithelial thickness and maturation. Data were distributiveanalyzed by Kolmogorov-Smirnov and colleration analyzed by Anova and Kruskal-Wallis test. No epithelization demonstrated at day1 in all groups. HA group had epithelization rate more inferior than FA group in day 3, but showed superiority in day 5 and 7(p<0,05). HA group had epithelization rate more superior than FD group in day 3,5 and 7 (p<0,05). FA group had epithelizaion ratemore superior than FD group in day 3 and 7 (p<0,05) but not in day 5 (p>0,05). FA group showed better in epithelial maturationcompared in two other groups but there’s not significant (p>0,05).(FMI 2013;49:229-236)

Keyword :

LMWHA, Fresh amnion, Freeze-dried amnion, growth factors, enhance wound healing,

References :

  1. Asari A, Morita M, Sekiguchi T, Okamura K, Horie K, Miyauchi S, (1996). Hyaluronan, CD44 and fibronectin in rabbit corneal epithelial wound healing. - : Jpn J Ophthalmol
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Volume : 49 / No. : 4 / Pub. : 2013-10
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