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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 46 / No. 1 / Published : 2010-01

Order : 2, and page :7 - 14

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Original Article :

Role of free radicals in children with malnutrition

Author :

  1. Taufiqur Rahman*1
  2. Siti Nurul Hidayati*2
  3. Boerhan Hidajat*3
  1. Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Dr Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya
  2. Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Dr Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya
  3. Department of Child Health, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Dr Soetomo General Hospital, Surabaya

Abstract :

Protein Energy Malnutrition (PEM) in children, is still an important issue throughout the world especially in developing countries, because it is the largest contributor to the increased morbidity and mortality in children under age five years (WHO 1999; Black 2003). Limited knowledge about the pathogenesis of kwashiorkor, have consequences slow progress in the development of treatment or prevention strategies during the last decade. The objective was to study the role of free radicals in children with malnutrition. All patients with children (ages 1 month - 14 years) that admitted in Child Inpatient at Dr. Soetomo and willing to participate in this study, was examined for anthropometry, clinical examination and laboratory. Investigation aims to determine the value of the anthropometry z-scores of weight / age, height for age, weight / height, BMI and percentage of ideal body weight, so that nutritional status can be determined. This study revealed that concentrations of NO in children with malnutrition are 1.5 times higher than control group (children with good nutrition). Concentration of NO at higher kwashiorkor when compared with the control group (children with good nutrition), but did not differ significantly when compared with marasmic. Besides, there were no significant correlation between high levels of NO in children with kwashiorkor degree of edema. There were no significant correlation between high levels of child malnutrition NO with duration of treatment in hospital. Also, there was a decrease in NO concentration when there is clinical improvement, but this decrease was not significant.

Keyword :

Protein Energy Malnutrition, free radical, nitric oxide,

References :

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Volume : 46 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2010-01
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