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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 36 / No. 1 / Published : 2000-01

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Surgical management of non-toxic multinodular goiter

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      In the period of 5 years (1989-1993) surgical procedures have been performed to 191 non-toxic multinodular goiter (NMG) patients, consisted of 21 males and 170 females, most of the patients were 21 - 40 years old (54.5%). In 142 (74.3%) of those patients, NMG diagnosis was established preoperatively, while in 49 (25.7%) it was established intraoperatively. Malignancy was found clinically in five patients, and histologically in three patients. The surgical procedures were 33 (17.3%) subtotal lobectomy, 157 (82.2%) subtotal thyroidectomy, 1 (0.5%) near-total thyroidectomy, depended on the number of lobus and the extent of pathological process-affected thyroid tissue. Complications occurred in 5 (2.5%) patients as transient hypocalcemia (2), transient recurrent laryngeal nerve lesion (1), permanent recurrent laryngeal nerve lesion (1), and post-operative bleeding (1). Results of histopathological examination showed that the major abnormalities was adenomatous goiter in 139 (72.8%) patients and adenoma in 35 (18.3%) patients. Thyroid carcinoma was found in 7 patients (3.7%), chronic thyroiditis in 7 patients (3.7%), M. Basedow without hyperthyroid clinical symptoms in 2 patients (1.0%) and thyroid tissue hyperplasia only in 1 (0.5%) patients.

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      surgery, goiter, multinodular, non-toxic,

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