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Folia Medica Indonesiana [FMI]

ISSN : 0303-7932

Volume 35 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 1999-01

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  1. History And Concept Of Psychoneuroimmunology
  2. Psychobiological Basis Of Psychoneuroimmunology
  3. Psychobiology Of Stress
  4. Neurobiological Basis Of Consciousness
  5. Hpa Axis Activation And Hippocampal Atrophy
  6. Development Of Psychoneuroimmunological Concept
  7. Body Defense Profile As Indicator Of Threshold Value Of Susceptibility To Illness. A Psychoneuroimmunological Study On Indonesian Haj Pilgrims.
  8. Influence Of Circadian Rhythm Changes On Innate Immunity Response
  9. Laser Biomodulation On Immune Response In Reversible Pulpitis
  10. Role Of “inner Power” Healing As A Traditional Culture In Strengthening The Community Health Status