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Folia Medica Indonesiana [FMI]

ISSN : 0303-7932

Volume 38 / Nomor : 4 / Published : 2002-10

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  1. Polyacrylamide Agarose Composite Gel Based System For Separation Of Short Tandem Repeat And Variable Number Of Tandem Repeat Loci To Identify A Korean Woman In Bali Bomb Accident
  2. Review Article And Clinical Experience: Diabetes And Cvd: Double Jeopardy (introduction With Syndrome-36 And Time To Act)*
  3. The Use Of High Dose Diazepam In Severe Tetanus. A Case Series
  4. Serum Concentrations Of Chloroquine And Tumor Necrosis Factor In Malaria Patients
  5. The Role Of Jamu (indonesian Herbal Medicine) For Facing The Need For Drugs
  6. Correlation Between Clinical Assessment And Routine Laboratory Tests
  7. The Existence Of Bifidobacterium In Infantile Diarrhea
  8. Decrease Iga Producing Cells With Imbalance Of Type 2 Cytokines Producing Cells On Mucosal Immune Response Of Vitamin A Deficient Rats. An Experimental Animal Study
  9. Indicator Pf Cell Proliferation Activity In Cervical Cancer
  10. Phonon Interaction Of Ultrasound Waves Against Primary Oocyte Of Albino Rat Ovary (rattus Norvegicus Var. Wistar)
  11. Interleukin-8 In Nasal Lavage Is Increased In Jute Workers With Symptoms Of Byssinosis In A Gunnysack Factory Of Surabaya(1)