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Folia Medica Indonesiana

ISSN 0303-7932

Vol. 49 / No. 3 / Published : 2013-07

TOC : 2, and page :139 - 145

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The comparison of simvastatin and atorvastatin efficacy in lowering lipid profile and apolipoprotein-b of diabetic dyslipidemia patient

Author :

  1. Debra Dorotea*1
  2. Nur Palestin Ayumuyas*2
  3. Budi Suprapti*3
  4. Sony Wibisono*4
  1. Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Airlangga University
  2. Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Airlangga University
  3. Dosen Fakultas Farmasi
  4. Diabetes and Nutrition Center, Surabaya; Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University, Dr Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya

Abstract :

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (Statins) are effective lipid-lowering drugs for the treatment of dyslipidemia patients with type 2diabetes mellitus (T2DM). These patients are suggested to reach targeted level of low density lipoprotein (LDL) for further coronaryheart disease (CHD) prevention. Unfortunately LDL measures may not adequately evaluate cardiovascular risk since insulinresistance drives a number of changes in lipid metabolism which apolipoprotein-B(apoB)-containing atherogenic particlespredominate. ApoB should be considered as an index of residual risk, a potential parameter of treatment efficacy and a treatmenttarget to minimize risk of CHD. The aim of the study is to compare the efficacy of the two most given statin, simvastatin andatorvastatin, in lowering lipid profile and apoB of T2DM patient with dyslipidemia. We conducted an observational, cohort study tocompare the efficacy of simvastatin 20 mg/day (n=11 patients) and atorvastatin 10 mg/day (n=7 patients). Patients who met criteria(LDL >100 mg/dL, TG >150 mg/dL) were given 6 weeks-treatment of statin. To evaluate the efficacy, lipid profile (total cholesterol,LDL, triglycerides/ TG) and apoB were all measured at week 6. Simvastatin therapy was associated at week 6 with an insignificantincrease of LDL and insignificant decreases of total cholesterol, TG, and apoB (p>0.05). Atorvastatin therapy showed aninsignificant decrease of TG and insignificant increases of total cholesterol, LDL, and apoB and (p>0.05). No significant differencewas observed between six weeks-treatment of simvastatin 20 mg/day and atorvastatin 10 mg/day.(FMI 2013;49:139-145)

Keyword :

simvastatin, atorvastatin, lipid, apolipoprotein B, diabetes,

References :

  1. American Diabetes Association (ADA), (2013). Standards of medical care in diabetes--2013. - : Diabetes Care
  2. Betteridge DJ, (2011). Lipid control in patients with diabetes mellitus. - : Nature


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Volume : 49 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2013-07
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