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The Indonesian Journal of Public Health

ISSN 1829-7005

Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2005-11

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Formaldehyde in food : a current issue about lack of controlling of food safety in indonesia

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  1. Sri Sumarmi*1
  1. Bagian Gizi Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Unair (Nutrition Department School of Publich Health Airlangga University

Abstract :

There is a current issue about out break due to formaldehyde content in some food products in Indonesia. Some National and local reports on Indonesian mass media concern about the fi nding that a number of food samples contained formaldehyde. The food item included fresh fi sh, tofu, dried snack and noodles. There were a similar situation about food handling and processing in some other countries, i.e. Hong Kong, China, Italy that formaldehyde usually found in some foods products included dried mushroom and dried noodles as food additive. Actually, formaldehyde is chemical compound that has been used for some industrial process. It’s not permitted for food use in some countries. Based on issue, this article will discuss about formaldehyde and its utility and how about the human’s bodies respond to this chemical agent and how about regulation of the use of formaldehyde in Indonesia. Key words: formaldehyde, food safety, food additive

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formaldehyde, food safety, food additive,

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