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The Indonesian Journal of Public Health

ISSN 1829-7005

Vol. 4 / No. 3 / Published : 2008-03

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Pengaruh penyuluhan tentang koyo nikotin terhadap perubahan pengetahuan dan sikap perokok berat tentang merokok

Author :

  1. Ira Nurmala*1
  2. Diah Indriani*2
  3. Trias Mahmudiono*3
  4. Nurul Fitriyah*4
  1. Departemen Ilmu Promosi Kesehatan dan Perilaku – FKM Unair
  2. Departemen Biostatistik dan Kependudukan – FKM Unair
  3. Departemen Gizi Kesesahatan – FKM Unair
  4. Departemen Biostatistik dan Kependudukan – FKM Unair

Abstract :

Scientific facts show that smoking is a leading cause of degeneratif disease in the worlds can be prevented. The sucess of smoking cessationprogram have a great influence on the improvement of public health. The smoking habit cause addiction to nicotine. Therefore, that have phisical addiction to nicotine may use nicotine patch which is relativily bring less danger to avoid tobacco’s smoke such as carbon monocide, tar, etc. There is a significance improvement of knowledge in participant about the smoking hazards and nicotine patch therapy information after health education is conducted. However there is a difference between mild and heavy smoker regarding their level of knowledge about nicotine patch. Heavy smokers tend to have lower level of knowledge than mild smokers. Most participants interested about the nicotine therapy but they have doubt about going through it because the lack of information and the complexity of the treatment it self.

Keyword :

nicotine patch, knowledge, attitude, smoking, heavy smokers,

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