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Table of Content IJPH

The Indonesian Journal of Public Health

ISSN : 1829-7005

Volume 1 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2004-07

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  1. Relationship Between Maternal Characteristic On Socio-demography And Sexual Desire During Pregnancy
  2. The Rule Of Family In Caring On Renal Failure Patient
  3. Maternal Characteristics Relating To Breast Feeding Initiation And Exckusive Breast Feeding
  4. The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Patch Test In The Diagnostic Of Occupational Dermatosis
  5. Health Sector Reforma Case Study On Decentralization Of Health Care Management In The East Java Province
  6. Pengaruh Pembuangan Sampah Secara Open Dumpingterhadap Kualitas Kimia Air Sumur Galipenduduk Di Sekitarnya