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Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN 1978-760X

Vol. 10 / No. 2 / Published : 2018-07

Order : 3, and page :19 - 33

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Original Article :

Representation of new values of masculinity: a semiotic analysis to the character vaughn in tv series “alias”

Author :

  1. Rizki Yulli Indahsari*1
  1. Department of Communication, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Airlangga

Abstract :

The stereotype of gender in society still distinguishes between men and women. Men have to be masculine and women to be feminine. In the development of the modern era, the point of view of society about women has changed. There are many women that have masculine behavior, and it is also affected the content of the media. One of the changes is how the role women is depicted as more masculine, rather than feminine in the movie and serial TV. This study tries to analyze how the values of new masculinity are depicted in alias serial TV. The purpose of this study is to give contribution for the development of semiotic study toward film. This study uses semiotic approach to analyze the problem that the writer is stated above. This study uses qualitative and interpretative research because the object of the analysis of this study is interpreting the meaning of the signs. The result of the study shows that woman is depicted as more active model than men character in movie, so that it can create the atmosphere of gender equality. Sydney as main character is the character that subdued enemies with violence, rather than discussion. The representation of Sydney as the crazy, uncontrollable partner for Vaughn that has become the product of violence; she lost her fiancée, and her attitude is the sign of grudges toward evil.

Keyword :

masculinity, signs, woman, Alias,

References :

Fakih M,(1996) Analisis gender dan transformasi sosial Yogyakarta : Pustaka Pelajar

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Volume : 10 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2018-07
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