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Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN 1978-760X

Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2010-07

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The image of children in cinema

Author :

  1. IGAK Satrya Wibawa*1
  1. Department Of Communication, Faculty of social and political sciences, Airlangga University.

Abstract :

Children and childhood’s appearance in cinema are part of the on going discourse of children’s films. The idea of children’s film is described by Bazalgette and Staples:This term can mean simply the exhibition of films for general audience containing some children; it can also mean the dedicated production of  films for children.In spite of the widespread influence of the state-sanctioned discourses discussed in this chapter, there has been a recent trend to portray children and the family in different terms in contemporary Indonesian cinema. Inharmonious child-parent relationships as well as single-parent families are now commonly found in contemporary Indonesian film. The film representations may imply that the concept of an acceptable Indonesian family is changing.  This significant change may, in addition, serve to question the role of the family and children within the frame of the dominant national identity discourse while highlighting the fact that many children remain in a difficult position in Indonesia’s society.

Keyword :

children, movie, representation, discourse, identity,

References :

Sen, K,(1994) Indonesian Cinema: Framing the New Order. London : Zed Books Ltd.

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