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Indonesian Journal of Social Sciences

ISSN 1978-760X

Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2010-01

TOC : 4, and page :83 - 92

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Togel: social network descriptive study of black toto gamble doers in banyuwangi

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  1. Papin Bagusta*1
  1. Departemen Permukiman dan Prasarana

Abstract :

Gambling is not a new matter and has been existing since long time ago. Even in severalcountries, it exactly becomes a legal activity. This research is focused on togel social network inBanyuwangi. This research type is descriptive by using participant observation (observationinvolved) and interview to be able to detect how togel d oers can exist although judicially it isforbidden.Gamble games known by Banyuwangi society are relative various, even for a part ofsociety who are crazy about gamble, the kinds are more various because they assume thateverything can be gambled. In Banyuwangi for example, togel or dark white coupon is one of thebet arenas that are still played by part of society . Togel is not a new matter for a part ofBanyuwangi society. It is one of the most popular gambles in Banyuwangi besides cards . Togelactivities in Banyuwangi also making it as one of the chosen professions is not out of socialnetwork existence and tidy, well organized work system. It is concluded that social network formsdeveloped and maintained by togel doers are horizontal social network and vertical socialnetwork. In horizontal social network, involved togel doers have social economy status which isrelative the same so the exchange that happens between them is relative the same. In verticalsocial network, involved togel doers have social economy status that is not the same and it finallycause patron-client in connection formed. The two social network forms development is based onpower network although in practice, emotion element and certain interest are inseparable.

Keyword :

gambling, social network, profession, economy status, illegal activity,

References :

  1. Mudjijono, (2004). Judi Buntut, Mengapa Selalu Ada?. Yogyakarta : Tri De
  2. Agusyanto, R, (2007). Jaringan Sosial dalam Organisasi. Jakarta : PT. Raja Grafindo Persada


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Volume : 2 / No. : 2 / Pub. : 2010-01
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