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Vol. 13 / No. 2 / Published : 2011-08

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Influence between emotional maturity and self-efficacy on craving in ex-drug users

Author :

  1. Nurul Fitrianti*1
  2. EM. Agus Subekti*2
  3. Puri Aquarisnawati*3
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  5. -*5
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Abstract :

The  purpose  of  this  study  was  to  determine  whether  there  is  inf luence  between  emotional maturity (as variable X1) and self-efficacy (as variable X2) on craving (as variable Y) in ex-drug users. The population of this study was former  drug users who have became a member of the Surabaya  Orbit  Foundation.  Sampling  technique  used  was  simple  random  sampling.  The characteristics  of  the  research  subjects  were  former  drug  users.  Population  n  =  90  and significance level of 5%. The sampling number according to the table is 70. Data analysis used two predictors of regression analysis using SPSS 17 for  windows.  The results is  r   = 0.582 > 0.235 xyr   with n = 70 at á  = 5%.  It  means that there  are  significant effects  between  emotional  maturity  tableand  self-efficacy  on  craving  in  former  drug  users.  The  results  of  this  study  have  shown  significant effect,  in  which  the  emotional  maturity and  self-efficacy  affects  craving  in  former  drug  users,  but the impact is very small because the coefficient of determination (R ) indicates that the relative 2contribution given by emotional maturity and self-efficacy on craving are only 34%. Therefore there  are  66%  of  other  factors  that  may  determine  the  emergence  of  craving  in  former  drug  users.

Keyword :

emotional maturity, self-efficacy, craving, former drug users,

References :

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