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Vol. 14 / No. 3 / Published : 2012-12

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Orientation of diversity, social capital, and other religious groups prejudice against the muslim students

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  1. Susilo Wibisono*1
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Abstract :

The aim of this research is to analyze relation between social capital and prejudice toward othersreligion's group. Quantitative method was used in this research. The measurement scale wasdeveloped from previous existing measurements. The measurement of religious orientation wasadapted from the Religious Orientation Scale revised edition, that was done by Gorsuch andMcPherson (1989).The measurement of prejudice towards other groups was developed based on theindicators made by Lin (2005), which negative indicators are favourable indicators, and positiveindicators were unfavourable. As for the measurement of social capital, it was based on the socialcapital measurement done by Van der Gaag and Sneijders (2004). The result of this analysis showsthat there is a difference in the level of prejudice towards others religion's group based on thereligious orientation held by the respondent. This can be seen from the covariant analysis which hasan F value = 8,219, and p value = 0,006 (p<0,01). The respondent with an extrinsic religiousorientation tends to have a higher level of prejudice compared to those with an intrinsic religiousorientation.

Keyword :

Religious orientation, prejudice, social capital, -, -,

References :

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Volume : 14 / No. : 3 / Pub. : 2012-12
  1. Orientation of diversity, social capital, and other religious groups prejudice against the muslim students
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