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ISSN 1411-2671 (Cetak); 2310-7945 (Online)

Vol. 8 / No. 3 / Published : 2006-12

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Original Article :

Pattern of marriage adjustment among couples at early period

Author :

  1. Cinde Anjani*1
  2. Suryanto*2
  1. Faculty of Psychology, Airlangga University
  2. Faculty of Psychology, Airlangga University

Abstract :

The research aims a) to describe of pattern of marriage adjustment among couples at early period, b) to look for the factors supporting marriage adjustment, and c) to look for factors pursuing process of marriage adjustment. This research was a descriptive research and used case study as its study method. Data and information obtained by interview and observation to accurate subject. These subjects of research were all its marriage age couple less than 10 year. Data analyses conducted by categorize result of themes interview and reconciled with result of observation at the family. This categorization, then, described and narrated according to research problems. Conclusions obtained from this research indicate that: a) pattern of marriage adjustment conducted step by step. At phase of honeymoon, couple still experiences the life fully happy, because constituted by the love of early marriage. At phase of fact recognition, couple know the characteristic and habit which in fact from couple. At phase of marriage crisis, process adjustment happened. If the couples, success in accepting fact hence will be continued successfully phase accept the fact. If the couple successfully overcome the problems in the family by adaptation and make the order and agreement in domestic hence, so the real bliss phase will obtain; b) Supplementary factor of efficacy process the located couple marriage adjustment in the case of reciprocating and accepting love, expression of affection, respecting each other and esteeming, each other being opened between wife and husband; and c) the resistor factors that process the marriage adjustment that is one of the couple cannot accept the denaturing and habit in early nuptials, husband and also initiative wife does not finish the problem, cultural difference and religion among husband and wife.

Keyword :

pattern of marriage adjustment, early period,

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