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Vol. 14 / No. 2 / Published : 2012-08

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The behavior elements as evaluation of post occupancy at subsidized house

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  1. Intan Rahmawati*1
  2. Rafidah Riahta*2
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Abstract :

Changes in  the  global scope has occurred  in  developing countries,  include  in  Indonesia.  There are several consequences from  those  large  changes, for example the development  of shopping center and  housing.  Malang  is  one  of  the  cities  which  experiencing  the  problem  of  housing.  There  are thousands  of  small  housing  encountered  on  the  outskirts  of  this  city .  Government  attempts  to  make  a program which provides lower  to midle level society  with healthy and subsidized housing, so  they do not need to rent a house anymore. Evaluation of post-occupancy is a systematic evaluation process after housing was built and occupied for several years. This evaluation conducted to evaluate the effectiveness  of  the  program.  This  evaluation  consist  of  three  elements.  First,  the  healthyness element, which consists of technical design issues  such as health, safety and security aspects for the users  of  the  building.  Second,  the  functional  element  which relates  with to  what extent  the  users  able to  operate  efficiently  and  effectively  in  the  house.  Third,  the  behavioral elements:  to  what extent psychological and sociological aspect of users are influenced by the house design. The existence of building  which  is  too  simple,  forces  the    occupant  to  adapt  with  their  environment  of  housing subsidies. 

Keyword :

Evaluation of Post Occupancy, Behavior Elements, Subsidized Housing, -, -,

References :

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