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ISSN 1411-2671 (Cetak); 2310-7945 (Online)

Vol. 13 / No. 2 / Published : 2011-08

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The component of health belief model in sexual behavior of street children

Author :

  1. Yeni Rahma Dwijayanti*1
  2. Ike Herdiana*2
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Abstract :

This research was aimed to know how the components of Health Belief Model could be used to understand the sexual behavior of street children, thus it  could be known the process and the background  factors  of  sexual  behavior  on  the  street  children.  The  components  used  are: perceived susceptibility , perceived severity , perceived benefit, perceived barriers, cues to action, aspect  of  socio-demographics,  and  self-efficacy .  This  research  used  a  qualitative  approach particularly  in  descriptive  qualitative.  From  the  specific  criteria  of  sampling  was  used  f ive representative  subjects.  Results  of  this  research  has  shown  that  the  street  children  are susceptible doing sex because their big curiosity and desire to try the new experiences.  They are not  aware  and  assume  that  their  sexual  behavior  does  not  have  any  impact  on  their  self (perceived susceptibility). They also consider that their sexual behaviors are not too excessive and  do  not  have  any  risk  (perceived  severity).

Keyword :

sexual behavior , street children, health belief model,

References :

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