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Vol. 13 / No. 2 / Published : 2011-08

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The healing process of sexual abuse victim

Author :

  1. Phebe Illenia S.*1
  2. Woelan Handadari*2
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Abstract :

This research was aimed to discover how the healing process of sexual abuse victim from their trauma. This  research  used  qualitative  approach  with  intrinsic  case  study .  This  research  was conducted  by  exploring  the  experience  of  two  sexual  abuse  victims  who  have  recovered  from  their trauma.  The  researcher  carried  out  depth  interview  as  data  collecting  technique.  Data  were analyzed by thematic analysis technique. The result showed that sexual abuse victims passed through  emotional  process  such  as  denial  stage,  angry  stage,  and  depression  stage,  before  f inally they reached the acceptance stage. On the healing process, sexual abuse victims suffered from traumatic  experiences  such  as  feel  profane  the  name  of  the  family ,  feel  shame,  and  feel  dirty .  They also  suffered  from  sleep  disorder ,  easily  suspicious,  inadequate  emotion,  etc.  As  the  healing effort, they tried  to consult their problem to psychologist and psychiatric,  did meditation and yoga exercise, shared story with friend,  and joined  with the spritual activity . Their supporting factors  were  support  from  environment,  religion  faith,  and  personality  characteristic.

Keyword :

self-healing, trauma, sexual abuse, -, -,

References :

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