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Jurnal Administrasi Kesehatan Indonesia

ISSN 23033592

Vol. 2 / No. 2 / Published : 2014-02

TOC : 7, and page :128 - 137

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Health worker obedience in completeness of informed consent filling

Author :

  1. Miftakhul Rohmah*1
  2. Stefanus Supriyanto*2
  1. Mahasiswa Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat
  2. Dosen Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat

Abstract :

The accuracy of medical information must be completed beside to belief and clear in order to protect patient, doctor, and hospital consigning with low problem. One part of medical information is medical record related to with informed consent. This research was conducted to identify health workers adherence to the completeness of informed consent in ward Surgery’s room BDH Hospital in Surabaya. This research was descriptive research which use observational methods with cross sectional design. The population of this research was informed consent during March to May 2014 in ward surgery’s room of BDH hospital in Surabaya. Data was required by using the check list sheets of 66 informed consents. Moreover, this research was accompanied with the medical record staff and health worker in ward surgery’s room. The results of the research showed that the completeness fulfillment of informed consent in ward surgery’s room of BDHHospital were good. Implementation of monitoring system and the availability of the informed consents form were categorized very good. The obedience of health workers are good but the reward and punishment system were not good. The conclution are informed consent in surgery’s room is quite complete but there are not good reward and punishment system.

Keyword :

informed consent, incompleteness, obedience,

References :

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