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Jurnal Berkala Epidemiologi

Jurnal Berkala Epidemiologi merupakan jurnal empat bulanan yang memuat naskah di bidang epidemiologi. Pemuatan artikel di jurnal ini dialamatkan ke kantor editor. Informasi lengkap untuk pemuatan artikel dan petunjuk penulisan artikel tersedia di dalam setiap terbitan. Artikel yang masuk akan melalui proses seleksi mitra bestari atau editor. Jurnal ini terbit secara berkala sebanyak tiga kali dalam setahun yaitu Januari, Mei, dan September

ISSN : 2301-7171

Volume 2 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2014-01

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  1. Family support and glucose control related to microvascular complications symptoms
  2. Related factor of knowledge by stroke in institute of higher education employees
  3. Relationship with the regularity of visits complications of hypertension in patients more than 45 years old
  4. Description the activities of recording and reporting maternal health monitoring in pws-kia based on surveillance attributes
  5. waist circumference as the strongest factor related to blood glucose level
  6. Factors affecting completeness basic immunization village district of north krembangan
  7. Determinants of clinical diphtheria after sub national diphtheria immunization days in 2012 at bangkalan
  8. Correlation between knowldege and family support with active cadre’s role
  9. The relation of obesity and individual factors with knee osteoarthritis
  10. Analysis determinants of postpartum maternal mortality at sidoarjo regency in 2012
  11. The relationship analysis between husband’s knowledge, attitude and practice for maternal health
  12. The differences of the behavioral factors of midwifes in uci village and non uci
  13. Anxiety level differences between the face of labour and multigravida primigravida