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Jurnal Biometrika dan Kependudukan

ISSN 2302707X

Vol. 1 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-08

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Differences knowledge about menstruation rasta teen boarding schools in traditional and modern in madura

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  1. Barokatun Kamilah*1
  2. Mahmudah*2
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Abstract :

Menstruation is a hallmark maturity of woman. There was a cyclic change of uterus as means of preparation for pregnancy. Menarche to be important for a woman and deserve special attention because it marks the beginning of woman’s biological maturity. The girl should have been prepared to menstruation as this could be a disappointing moment for her. The sirl that not taught to think of menstruation as a normal function of the body may have feelings of shame and dirty when having her first period. The purpose of thie study to determine differences in knowledge of adolescent girls about menstruation in traditional Islamic boarding school and modern boarding school in Madura. This was a Cross Sectional analytic approach. The number of samples as may as 121 people to 34 people for a traditional Islamic boarding school and 87 for a modern boarding school. Sampling was conducted using Stratified Random Sampling technique. The study was conducted in “Al-Amien 1” as a modern boarding school and “Misbahul Ulum” as a traditional boarding school. Data analysis was performed using Chi-Square Test. The result showed there are differences in knowledge about reproductive health and menstruation among respondents in traditional boarding school with respondent in modern boarding school. The results of Chi-Square test(c2) obtained p-value = 0.000 for knowledge about reproductive health and p = 0.000 for knowledge about menstruation. In general there are differences in knowledge among respondents who actively seek information and respondents who are not actively looking for with p=0.000. Differences also occur among respondents who had obtained information about menstruation and who never get one with p=0.001. There is a difference between exposure to mass media in traditional and modern boarding school in Madura with p-value=0.000. Mass media exposure also causes differences in knowledge about reproductive health and menstruation with p=0.011 and p=0.014.The results of this study are expected to become the information and evaluation for boarding school in the preparation of programs and providing educational materials on reproductive health, especially menstrual problem in boarding school.

Keyword :

knowledge, menstruation, adolescent students,

References :

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