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Journal of Basic Medical Veterinary [JBMV]

ISSN : 2302-6820

Volume 5 / Nomor : 2 / Published : 2016-12

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  1. Usage of kaffir lime (citrus hystrix d.c) leaves extracts as antibacteri against total of bacterial in beef
  2. Measurement the content of soluble protein from aeromonas hydrophila using nano drop spectrophotometer methode
  3. The effect of repeated artemisinin exposure on histopathological view of mice (mus musculus) liver with the infection by plasmodium berghei
  4. Protein profile of bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa using sodium dodecyl sulphate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis methods (sds-page)
  5. The correlation of coccidiosos prevalence on beef catle with age, bread and cage type in sragen regency
  6. Therapeutic effect of spirulina platensis extract against gastric damage induced by ethanol in rats (rattus norvegicus)
  7. Effect of eggplant (solanum melongena l.) powder to the histopathology of coronary artery in white rat (rattus norvegicus) with a high fat diet
  8. The effects of purslane (portulaca oleraceae) extract on hdl level in rat (rattus norvegicus) given high fat diet
  9. Detection of eschericia coli resistance to non- β lactams antibiotic which is isolated from chicken meat
  10. The effect of spirulina platensis extract to sgot and sgpt level of white rats (rattus norvegicus) induced by ethanol
  11. The effect of spirulina platensis extract on histopathologic of gouramy gills (oshpronemus gouramy) because of infected by aeromonas hydrophila
  12. Effect of soursop (annona muricata l.) seed powder suspension concentration and immersion period toward total mortality of rhipicephalus sanguineus larvae