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Journal of Basic Medical Veterinary [JBMV]

ISSN : 2302-6820

Volume 6 / Nomor : 1 / Published : 2017-06

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  1. Effect of moringa oleifera leaf extract on the histopathological features liver cell of male mice (mus musculus) exposed by methylmercury
  2. Effect of concentration and immersion time in suspension of soursop seed (annona muricata linn) flour against mortality of male rhipicephalus sanguineus
  3. Effectiveness of moringa oleifera leaves ethanolic extract as a hepatoprotective of mice (mus musculus) induced with methylmercury
  4. Immunomodulator effect of mangosteen (garcinia mangostana l.) pericarp extract on macrophage through expression of tlr2 in newcastle disease vaccinated mice
  5. The effect of eggplant’s (solanum melongena l) powder on serum level glutamate pyruvate transaminase (sgpt) and glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase (sgot) of white rat (rattus norvegicus) blood that given high fatty diet
  6. The anthelmintic effectiveness test of bitter melon fruit (momordica charantia l.) ethanol extract againts mecistocirrus digitatus in vitro
  7. Helminthiasis prevalence of pigeons (columba livia) in surabaya through gastrointestinal tract surgery
  8. The effect of gadung (dioscorea hispida dennst) tuber extract against culex fatigans mosquito larvae mortality by in vitro
  9. The effect of treated meniran (phyllanthus niruri linn) plant infusum on featuring liver histopathology of aeromonas hydrophila infected in tilapia (oreochromis niloticus)
  10. Effect of polygonum minus leaves extract on histopathological features of mice (mus musculus) liver induced by mercuric chloride
  11. The influence of brucella abortus lipopolysaccharide subunit vaccine in adjuvant montanide isa 70 interleukin-2 production on sheeps
  12. Critical percentage’s pricing of 0,001n format acid addition to cream