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Jurnal Global dan Strategis

ISSN 1907-9729

Vol. 9 / No. 2 / Published : 2015-07

Order : 4, and page :227 - 244

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Original Article :

Gerakan femen di ukraina dalam kritik posmodern feminisme terhadap posfeminisme

Author :

  1. Dias Pabyantara S.M.*1
  1. staf pengajar pada Program Studi Hubungan Internasional, FISIP Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur, Surabaya

Abstract :

This  paper  argues,  posfeminist  claims  in  post-1990  about  the  absence  of oppression of women by patriarchal structures  is not entirely true. They are still  there.  One  indication  is  the  emergence  of  a  topless  movement  called Femen.  in Ukraine. They  protest  against  three  things:  dictatorship,  religious institutions  and  the  sex  industry.  The  emergence of  the Ukrainian  Femen  at least  supported  by  two  things,  domestic  and  int ernational.  Domestic  factors consist  of  democratization  and  Barbie  lifestyle  emerging  in  Ukraine  and international  factors  that  include  the  globalization  of  information  and  the ratification of the International Convention CEDAW. These factors support the assumption  about the  emergence of  Femen as  postmodern,  in  a  quadrant of the second wave of feminism. This movement has been falsely interpreted   as the  existence  of  oppression  of  female  identity  in  the  midst  of  patriarchal structure.

Keyword :

Femen, Postmodern Feminism, Postfeminism, Ukraine,

References :

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