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Jurnal Global dan Strategis

ISSN 1907-9729

Vol. 9 / No. 2 / Published : 2015-07

Order : 5, and page :245 - 261

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Original Article :

Global village dan globalisasi dalam konteks ke-indonesiaan

Author :

  1. Cahyo Pamungkas*1
  1. peneliti bidang Sosiologi, Pusat Penelitian Sumberdaya Regional, Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (P2SDRLIPI) Jakarta

Abstract :

This paper is addressed to explore the concept of  global village  related to the current globalization phenomena. Based on that concept, this article  comes up with a definition of  global village  in Indonesian context. The first part of this paper  describes  the  early  concept  of  global  village  by  McLuhan  (1962)  that related to connectedness among world citizens. The second part sheds light on respons to global village and the third part explains differences between global village  and  globalization.  Finally,  this  study  illustrates  global  village  and globalization in Indonesian context.  Global village  in this study can be defined as the current globalization  phenomena recognized by its effect on weakening national  boundaries,  disappearing  local  identity  and  culture,  threatening national economic in the midst of capital expansion, and rising international migration.  This  concept  refers  to  a  spectrum  of  new  society  that  beyond geographical,  economic,  political  and  cultural  boundaries  and  emphasize  on information flow in the network of communication.

Keyword :

Global village, Globalization, Borderless World,

References :

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