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Jurnal Global dan Strategis

ISSN 1907-9729

Vol. 6 / No. 1 / Published : 2012-01

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Islam, democratic peace, and ethnoreligious conflict in southeast asia

Author :

  1. Ahmad Khoirul Umam*1
  1. Lecturer at the Department of International Relations University of Paramadina

Abstract :

This paper examines the conceptual complexity of the relation between the minority or majority and the nature of states politically. Since in the multiethnically and religiously countries, democracy is often challenged by the minorities’ protests emerging political instability. That is why the prospect of democracy in these countries is discussed later to understand the power base to sustain a peace building. It also compares the Nangroe Aceh Darussalam case to other conflict cases in the two neighbour countries to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of Aceh conflict resolution model to find valuable lessons from the Aceh experience to set up an efficacious prescription for the ‘never ending conflicts’ in the Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines.

Keyword :

Islam, democracy, ethnoreligious conflict, state, peace building,

References :

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Volume : 6 / No. : 1 / Pub. : 2012-01
  1. Islam, democratic peace, and ethnoreligious conflict in southeast asia
  2. Religious sectarianism and the threat to internal security in nigeria
  3. The evolution of the international order in central and eastern europe
  4. Democratization impact upon state role in indian foreign policy
  5. Memutus dependensi: pengalaman india
  6. Kebijakan cina dalam krisis semenanjung korea: perspektif konstruktivis
  7. Ancaman gerakan etnonasionalisme kurdi di perbatasan irak utara terhadap integrasi nasional turki